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Image recognition

From 2007 we are experimenting with pattern recognition, image recognition and augmented reality.

Already in 2009 we started with Mobile Visual Search as the solution for the future. By analyzing the usage and use cases, we have perfected the usability and user expectation; get the right information as soon as possible.
For the clients we offer maximum flexibility of the result.
Optimized for your benefits.

Used technology

The search technology delivers a fast result from scan to result (< 1 second!)

xplore matches images with high accuracy and minimizing the false positive rate.
xplore uses smart scan. Smart scan limits the size of the scanned image and filters the results. Smart scan increases the user experience tremendously.

Content is king!

Each match goes to a landing page. We advise to have an mobile optimized web page as the landing page.

Example landing page possibilities;
product information, social media, mobile commerce, video content, blogs / comment forum, virtual tours, and so on...

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